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Modern Escalator


Construction of the escalator


Standart features of escalators

1. The button of emergency switching-off of the escalator

At occurrence of an emergency it is possible to interrupt manually work of the escalator by pressing the button

2. The Overload protection

If system will find out, that the escalator is overloaded, it will be automatically stopped

3. A phase failure

If the system will find out failure, that the phase of rotation mismatches a phase of movement or there was a failure on a phase, the escalator will not be started

4. The electromagnetic brake

An Electromagnetic brake — the important factor of safety of passengers, it is intended for warranting an exact stop of the escalator

5. The switch of a comb

The Escalator will stop in case of hit of any subject between a comb and a corrugated flooring of a step

6. Not reversive device of safety

This function stops the escalator if the direction of its movement changes to opposite

7. An overspeed limiter

The function stops the escalator in case of excess of normal speed of movement

8. The protection enclosure of a circuit

Prevents an opportunity of hit of undesirable elements in a circuit

9. Blocking of traction steps of the escalator

Function stops the escalator in case of breakage or a leaky attachment of steps of the escalator

10. The yellow distinctive line at a step

Outlines a safety zone of a finding of the passenger

11. Blocking of a plinth

The escalator stops in case of hit of any subject between a step and a plinth

12. The switch of a mouth of a hand-rail

If a hand of the passenger or any subject is tightened in a mouth of a hand-rail, the escalator stops

13. Blocking drive circuits of the escalator

The escalator stops, if the drive circuit is torn off or too slackened

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